Total lunar eclipse August 28th 2007 visible where?

The total lunar eclipse on August 28th is going to be best seen from anywhere within the Pacific rim, and visible from India to the United States east coast.

In Japan and Australia, the lunar eclipse happens at sunset.

On the US west coast, the drama starts near midnight with totality lasting from 02.52 am until 04.22 am PDT) So it will make for a interesting mix of early morning sunrise and the end of the overall lunar eclipse.

In more northern latitudes like Canada you should be able to see how the moon enters the shadow of the earth right up to the end of this total eclipse but then when the moon exits the shadow, emerging daylight will be too bright to appreciate the finale.

In Australasia the eclipse occurs during sunset. New Zealand, Australia’s east coast, the Pacific islands, Hawaii and the west coast of North and South Americas should see all of it.

In Venezuela for example, the eclipse starts in the middle of the night but the sunrise lights up the sky later so that gradually you will not be able to see the shadowed moon anymore.


~ by andyroberts on August 26, 2007.

One Response to “Total lunar eclipse August 28th 2007 visible where?”

  1. I had a very peaceful time watching the eclipse from farmlands just north of Los Angeles. Aside from the rare passing car and occasional farm animal noises, I viewed the full eclipse in solitude, from when it entered the Earth’s umbra to when it exited. Here’s a compilation of my best shots.

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