The Hubble Deep Field

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The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken


Conjunction of Venus Jupiter and Moon

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Conjunction as at Tuesday Dec 2 2008

Astronomy can be dangerous for beginners

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Astronomy = Danger by Abulic Monkey.

Warning do not touch

Telescopes could cause injury

Astronomy for beginners warning

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Solar eclipse August 1, 2008

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33 UT (63 E, 46 N) by alexpgp.

by alexpgp
Images of the solar eclipse of August 1, 2008 projected on a piece of white paper on a bench in a gazebo that also serves as a grape arbor in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. The images are formed as a result of the “camera obscura” effect, by light passing through small gaps between the grape leaves that grow on vines that surround the gazebo.


Southern Astronomy – The Cross

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Southern Astronomy 101.

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South of the equator the heavens are not the same as in the north. Gone is the Plough or Great Bear, and the pole star. Mariners had to navigate using the Southern Cross or Crux instead.

Last quarter of the moon

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Harvest Moon

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Interesting post and pictures over at harvest-moon which explains exactly how the harvest moon thing works